Richard Curtis, purveyor of middle-class romance classic, Love Actually has announced in a typically foppish way that he is "perhaps done" with directing.

His final film, 'About Time' yes, of course, another rom-com starring Bill Nighy as a man who can time travel to fix moments in his life.  Curtis has said he will 'probably' continue writing.  "The message of About Time is to enjoy every ordinary day of your life.  I should listen to that message."  

The director's debut film, Love Actually, has grossed over $250 million worldwide, but he describes directing as extremely stressful: "A thousand days of pain! It's a very ungrateful thing of me to say, because it's such a privilege to be in a position where I'm allowed to direct anything.  I've had a long go at it, though."

Curtis was also responsible for writing Notting Hill, but did you know there were two different versions of the script? Things could have turned out very differently for Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.  In the other draft, they break up, and Hugh falls for an ordinary girl who works in a record store.  "I realised I'm not into pain," said Curtis. "The record store girl turned into his sister." 

A perfectionist, he calls Love Actually 'Tonally inconsistent.'

The director is stepping down to concentrate on writing and his family.