In the newest development regarding the UK News of the World phone-hacking scandal, a journalist testifies that he was threatened into it.  

The former News of the World reporter Dan Evans was told he might as well "jump off a cliff" if he couldn't produce front-page worthy stories.  The trial at the Old Bailey continues as Evans described being threatened into finding top stories then being told by Editor Andy Coulson to tell people that the voicemail recordings had been left anonymously at the reception.  

He describes the atmosphere when the arrests took place in 2006 as "a lot of fear and anxiety", after which he started to get rid of the phone-hacking evidence of notebooks and tapes.  Evans claimed, as one of his expenses, a phone kit used to hack into voicemails.  He claims he was contacted to work at the newspaper largely due to his skills in hacking in order to 'bring exclusives cheaply.'

In hacking British actress Sienna Miller's voicemail, he found out she was having an affair with actor Daniel Craig, of Bond fame.  He then made a recording and dropped it off at reception for another writer to pick it up as an anonymous tip-off.  

Though Evans has admitted several accounts of misconduct and phone-hacking, all seven Editors and senior staff deny the charges made against them.