The Darjeeling Limited (Wes Anderson)

At its heart, The Darjeeling Limited is Wes Anderson as usual; concentrating on a small group of people and examining what makes them tick in a heart-achingly accurate character study piece. The story features three brothers travelling across India by train to visit their estranged mother's convent.

The film explores spirituality, life and death as the three men trek across India's dusty roads and fields, as well as examining the realities of travelling with other people; putting up with their quirks and annoying behavior, but ultimately, that you can learn and heal each other in the process.

Lost in Translation (Sofia Coppola)

Essentially a film about loneliness, Lost in Translation will strike a chord with solo travellers especially, where the relationships and friendships you form on the road and the culture shock of being thrown into a culture (Tokyo, Japan, in this case) that is unfamiliar. The story should be familiar to any frequent solo traveler; a friendship that would never happen elsewhere is moulded by time and situation.

Roman Holiday (William Wyler)

A picturesque tour of vintage Rome on a Vespa and a princess on the run; Roman Holiday is the quintessential European adventure film. Audrey Hepburn, in her debut starring role, plays a princess who, on a tour of Rome and tired of her palatial duties, escapes to tour Rome with a penniless reporter, played by Gregory Peck. If you're about to travel and you'd like a bit of glamourous inspiration, check out Roman Holiday.

The Sheltering Sky (Bernardo Bertolucci)

Not a film you see often on Top 5 lists, but an under-appreciated beauty. John Malkovich and Debra Winger play two spoiled, empty Americans who travel in Morroco, attempting to recapture the love they once had with each other, which soon turns into the trip from hell. Paul Bowles, the original authour of the book, immersed himself and deeply loved African culture and this seeps through into the film. If you want to journey through Northern Africa, this film will take you there.

Whale Rider (Niki Caro)

The story of a little girl growing up in a Maori village, struggling to gain her family's acceptance, this film portrays Maori culture beautifully, sparking an interest in many people who decided to visit New Zealand after this film was released.

What films have inspired you to travel?