We all need a little helping hand when it comes to travelling. From booking flights to finding the best places to go, there are literally hundreds of travel resources that take the pains and guesswork out of your trip. Here are 5 of the best travel resources!


Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant or 'Yapta' is a fantastic site for those who travel frequently. Yapta tracks flight prices and sends you an alert when they lower, even if it's after you bought them, so you can claim the money back from the airline. They will also email you when a seat comes up that is redeemable for reward miles.


A travel review site with a difference; IgoUgo has thousands of reviews and pictures from users all over the world. A welcome break from glossy journalistic sites like Lonely Planet, IgoUgo features reviews by insiders and spur-of-the-moment pictures taken by mobile phones. Much more like hearing about a place in a postcard from a friend than reading about it in a magazine. Contributors are rewarded with 'Go Points', which can be spent on various things.

https://www.lonelyplanet.com/">Lonely Planet

The first guidebook I'll buy to a place I'm travelling to will always be one by Lonely Planet, but it never occurred to me until recently to look at their website, as I thought it would just be a place to buy the books with information about the company. Turns out, I was wrong. Lonely Planet's website has most of the same info that you can find in their guidebooks. A good place to start in looking at a potential destination, which can then be supplemented by more user-oriented sites. The site has amazing interactive maps!


The ultimate site for those who want to just grab a bag and go. Includes sample wardrobe lists and advice on how to pack for anywhere, for any length of time and keeping it to one carry-on bag.

Home & Abroad

Home & Abroad allows you to plan a custom itenierary for your trip, working out if you'll have enough time along the way for ech excursion. A great way to plan out your trip before you go, which lessens the hassle of seeking out places to visit when you get there.