A reddit user recently took pictures of an abandoned mental hospital in South Korea and made a lot of buzz online. The images posted by username feathers89 certainly gave the creeps to all who viewed it in the popular social trend site.

The Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital is considered one of the creepiest places found on Earth. Viral Nova stated that even for those who are skeptics with ghosts, the ambiance of the place can certainly bring down chills to their spines and render unexplainable goosebumps.

The South Korean hospital used to function well packed with medical experts and patients way back in 1995. Then it was left closed to the public. However, thousands ghost hunters still visit the place in search of ghouls.

The Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital operations were put to a halt in 1996 when its owner was believed to have escaped to the United State to avoid governmental investigation. Suspicions emerged when various reports of patients' deaths were discovered in the mental hospital without any given explanation.

Now the haunted place is still filled with its machines all rusted and other remnants of typical hospital items that adds more creepiness to it.

However, these haunted stories behind it remain some kind of a myth or scary rumor of the place. A more logical story behind its being abandoned includes reasons of financial problems and unsanitary troubles due to problematic sewage disposal system. This then leaves out the chilly stories behind it that involve crazy doctors or patients that commit murders.

Even if authorities and locals discourage visitors to visit the much-talked-about haunted place, still many sightseers get even more curious to explore the desolate hospital. Daisy Phillipson added in her article for Chincha.co.uk that finding the exact location of the Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital is also quite a mystery. You may even have to use a Google Map navigation app.

Now isn't that creepy enough for you? Check out this video!