In today world we all need to travel to a new place at some part of the life and it becomes really difficult to make this travelling experience pleasant unless you are aware of the place or one of those cools guys. Food is the one of the most important part of the journey and it becomes really difficult to find a good restaurant in your budget at new place. In this new series I will assist you with number of articles which will make your travelling experience great.

Technology these days is so advance that it can help you in most of the circumstances so why not to take help of this while on the go. Though there are many apps present at major Operating Systems which can assist you to find good food but I found Zomato to be most useful. The app is available on Apple's iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry 10 OS and even Windows 8, so no worries for application support on different platforms.

What's better?

I tried many apps before Zomato and what I found was these used to work great for major cities or countries and to be honest you're travelling destination can be some backward area or small city too so they become useless at these places. I live at a place which is pretty small and I am able to find restaurants easily.


 Now coming to another important aspect of any app i.e. its design and I found it pleasant and even the navigation is great. Just open the app let the app get your location and find get a list of restaurants near you. You can filter café, buffet and more.


As far as function of app is concerned I think it does it pretty awesome. As you can in search results you will get option to sort by ratings, filter by services, distance, menu and price even which are pretty awesome. All these option ultimately lessen the burden on you.

This app covers more than 190,000 restaurants in India only then it does cover United Kingdom, UAE South Africa, Qatar and many more countries of the world. After having your food you can review of the place so to help other travellers like you.


I found this app pretty useful and working and I would recommend you to include this in phone when you are going to travel. This app comes for free of cost which makes it more appealing.


You can get this app for various Operating System from link below:

Android: Zomato 

iOS: Zomato 

Windows Phone 8: Zomato 

Blackberry OS 10: Zomato

Windows 8: Zomato