While there's been an increase in travel bargains and deals the past year, there are certain travel predictions seasoned tourists might want to look into.

With the help of Fare Compare's CEO Rick Seaney, here are some of 2014's travel predictions frequent flyers should check out.

1. More fare wars

Last year was a good year for travelers, as there was a good number of bargain fares everywhere. Expect that this year will hold more fare wars, with even smaller airline JetBlue battling in the big league after releasing a statement that it will be launching lie-flat seats planes. More airlines are expected to provide cheaper flights with nicer amenities.

2. Additional fees on the rise

While the base fares might be a bargain, the additional fees might burn the pocket a little bit deeper. Oil prices went up last December, with a barrel priced at $100. Seaney predicts that there might be a 4% to 5% increase in fares. Baggage fees might also increase, as Discounter Spirit has already started the fore coming trend.

Flyers are advised to take extra precaution when booking as these additional fees may be disguised as bundles or part of the new amenities airlines will be offering.

3. Increase leniency with cell phone users

Now that more airlines around the world are allowing device use during take off and landing, it won't be long until making calls while up in the air will be allowed but perhaps with a small fee to pay. While many airlines are already saying no to voice calls while on flight, it won't be far off for others to see this as a business opportunity to earn a tad bit more.

4. More means for passenger check-in and immigration

Check-in and immigration counters are probably the most toxic areas to be in while in the airport. More airports and airlines are experimenting on different ways to ease check-in and being identified for passengers and staff as well.