A UK couple who bought dream flights found themselves faced with a nightmare instead.

Kevin and Jeanette Jones found bargain return flight tickets to the Caribbean online for $1300 only to find themselves turned away at the check-in gate.  The couple, from Birmingham, UK had mistakenly bought the tickets to leave from Birmingham-Shuttlesworth, Alabama.  Kevin, 55, told British media: ""The girl at the information desk broke the news with a very sympathetic look that our flight was leaving over 2,000 miles away,"

The BHX airport in Alabama is only one letter away from Birmingham's BHX.  The red-faced couple had no option but to drive home.  The couple were able to recover their holiday and booked another bargain break in Spain instead, presumably being extra-careful to double-check their tickets this time. 

Apparently though, mix-ups like this are commonplace as people are keen to snatch up bargains before they disappear and someone else gets their seat.  People even get the names of destinations wrong, as one grandmother found out as she settled into her seat looking forward to her holiday in to Grenada; only to find out she'd got on a flight to Grenada, in the Caribbean instead. 

Always remember to double-check where you've booked your holiday to, or your 'bargain' flight may turn out to burn a hole in your pocket instead!