London is easily regarded as one of the most expensive cities to be in the world over. While it could be the case for those who are trying to make a living in the city, it could be quite inexpensive for tourists.

In fact, there are a lot of free things to do and sights to see while in London. Here are some of them.

1. Watch street performers in the piazza.

In the Covent Garden Market, there's the West Piazza where people gather around to watch street performers of all kind. A lot of these performers are even licensed and have passed certain auditions to perform in the area. Not paying for anything to watch these unique acts is truly a priceless experience.

2. Head to the free galleries and museums.

There are tons of artistic and historic shows budget travelers can catch while in London. The British Museum and Tate Modern Art Gallery are two of the city's most popular galleries and museums. Entrance is free but if you want to witness certain shows inside, there's a small fee to pay.

3. Watch the changing of the guard.

Buckingham Palace is already great in itself as an iconic attraction in London but to make it better, tourists should definitely check the changing of the guards at exactly 11:30 in the morning every day during the summer and during winter. It's best to be there early so travelers can get the best possible view.

4. Enjoy a free concert in the National Theatre.

If travelers want to enjoy free jazz, folk, country and other music concerts, free concerts are always available in the National Theatre. From Monday to Saturday at 5:45 PM, various acts can be watched all for free.

5. Climb on top of Primrose Hill

The London Eye can be quite pricey, not to mention very crowded. Tourists can head to North London and go to the top of Primrose Hill in order to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city without paying a penny.