Whether it's a leisure trip to Santorini or a business meeting all the way to Berlin, seasoned travelers need trusty gadgets to make the best out of their trip. It doesn't matter if it's just for a few days or even a number of weeks. Aiming for a convenient trip is what will make for an unforgettable, hassle-free travel.

Now that 2014 is here and everyone's making plans for their next big trip, here are some gadgets travelers should consider investing in.

1. Innex ElectroHUB

It should already be a staple for seasoned travelers to have a multi-charging hub to take along with them. While the conventional multi-outlet ports are okay, the pain of untangling wires and packing things with wires aren't all that appealing.

Enter Innex ElectroHUB. For only $39, travelers get to charge up to half a dozen gadgets at the same time, wirelessly. How it works is they can plus the hub into the wall and let their gadgets rest on top of the device's surface, much like putting on pans on top of an electronic stove.

2. Gorillapod Tripod

Smartphones are already beyond point-and-shoot cameras when it comes to traveling. Many globetrotters have decided to ditch the heavy gear and opt for a lighter and more convenient option.

For more selfies and preventing one's phone to be taken away by a stranger, the Gorillapo tripod is a good tool to bring with travelers. Small, flexible and durable, this tripod can be easily held by hand and can be kept neatly in a bag with only a small space being occupied. For about $30, it's an experience of taking photos to a whole new level.

3. ChicBuds boombox

It can be tiring to have earphones plugged in all the time and it's good to have one's own music to hear while relaxing in the hotel. ChicBuds offer key-ring sized boomboxes that have 2-watt amplification and 4 hours of plug-and-play time in just 1 hour of charging.

For just $29, travelers can already enjoy decent sound wherever they're going.