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Frozen in Time: The World’s Oldest Hotels to Stay In

Travelers Today       By    TravelersToday Staff Reporter

Updated: Jan 07, 2014 08:52 AM EST

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In every part of the world, each hotel has its own distinct charm. While style and design are two characteristics worth looking into, age definitely counts also as a big plus.

Hoshi is known as the oldest hotel in the world. Situated in Japan and established in the year 717, it is over 1,300 years old and is owned by 46 generations of the same kin. If you are not in Japan, there are other historic hotels that stood the test of time. Here are some of them.

1. Zum Roten Bären, Germany

Roughly translates to The Red Bear, Zum Roten Bären is believed to be the world's second oldest hotel, being founded in the year 1120. Situated in Oberlinden, much of the hotel's structure has been changed to keep it standing but its basement has essentially remained the same all these years.

2. Gmachl, Austria

People have always known the desire to have a luxurious escape when everything else gets tiring. In Gmachl, which was founded in the year 1334, guests can enjoy a breathtaking view of the mountains and forests while enjoying the best of what top-of-the-line privacy can offer. Nestled in Salzburg, it is a hotel that's been owned by the same family fro the very start.

3. The Olde Bell, England

Known as the oldest coaching inn in England, the Olde Bell remains true to its countryside comfortable living since its foundation back in 1335. It continues to offer private and exclusive accommodations with a real carriage station where horses used to be traded.

4. Orso Grigio, Italy

Originally located in Vienna but transferred to Italy after World War I, Orso Grigio is a beautiful villa that was established back in 1300. Privileged guests who have stayed in the exclusive hotel rave about its "wine temple", which houses over 35,000 wine varieties from all over the world.

5. Hotel Interlaken, Switzerland

Established in 1320, Interlaken was oftened by poet Lord Byron and famous composer Felix Mendelssohn. With its aging charm, picturesque views of the hills as well as a watering hole that's sure to satisfy, it continues to be one of the most loved guesthouses in the region.

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