The Callahan Tunnel is currently shutting down to make way for its lengthy 2 and 1/2 month renovation, reported Saturday.

Multiple sources reported that the Callahan Tunnel has begun closing, starting with its two-lane Boston Harbor tunnel Friday evening.

Authorities said that because the tunnel provides a route for an average of 30,000 vehicles each day, many of these motorists are now compelled to take different routes from the city to the East Boston neighborhood and Logan International Airport.

Motorists are now advised to take either the Ted Williams Tunnel route or other alternative routes including the Tobin Bridge.

The said tunnel was officially opened to the public in 1962. Because state engineers claimed that every aspect of the 52-year-old structure was in fair or poor condition, its planned closure for renovation was announced early this year.

The tunnel was in "desperate need of a significant overhaul," Massachusetts Transportation Secretary Richard Davey said.

It can be noted that last December, a corroded wall panel of the Callahan Tunnel crashed down during the evening rush hour. Although no one was injured out of the incident, the tunnel's 2,800 wall panels were removed the following month.

The overhaul project includes the replacement of the deck, curbing and wall panels of the structure.

The Callahan Tunnel is set to reopen for public use on March 12.