London can be a very expensive city to visit. From the hotel options to the tours down to the shopping, it's a place where most of the time, tourists should really be quipped with more than enough money to go around.

While everything else might be costly, there are ways you can indulge in good food in London without burning too much cash.

Here are some cheap eats budget travelers should consider trying while in town.

1. Bahn Mi Bay

If travelers are craving authentic, delicious and satisfying Vietnamese food, then Bahn Mi Bay in Theobalds Road is a quant café, which serves the famed Vietnamese sandwich made of meats, carrots, cucumber, fresh coriander, white radish plus a wide array of sauces. One order costs $8. 

The café also serves pho noodles soup, a Vietnamese dish with fresh noodles, herbs, vegetables, mushrooms, a slice of lemon and choice spices.

2. Koshari Street

Affordable Lebanese and Egyptian food is also around the corner, in a cafeteria called Koshari Street in St. Martin's Lane.

Koshari is an Egyptian food consisting of warm rice, macaroni, chickpeas and smothered with tomato sauce. For just $7, it's enough to fill up a hungry traveler's stomach and be consumed with the bright flavors bursting in every bite.

Koshari isn't the only thing this little spot offers. There are also salads, soups and wraps.

3. MEATliquor

Succulent burgers never fail to satisfy anyone. If budget travelers are looking for one of the best burgers London can ever ask for, then MEATliquor is the right place.

With juicy burgers under $13, tourists can enjoy more than just the food. The place is also its own character, with urban décor and mostly loud music greeting diners everyday. The restaurant also has its local favorites, chili cheese fries.

4. Scandinavian Kitchen

Whether it's sourdough bread, smoked salmon or a Nordic rye and porridge, the Scandinavian Kitchen leaves curious and hungry travelers full and happy. While their portions may not be exceptionally big, their dark and heavy bread is more than enough to keep tourists moving.

Between $3 to $7, budget travelers can get a lot more options that what they have expected.