Exploring Europe is a cultural overload, with tourists constantly holding a map in their hands, a camera strapped around their necks or standing in line to get into the Colosseum or the Louvre or the Tower of London.

While many tourists opt for the typical vacation experience, many are starting to reroute their course into becoming temporary Europeans during their trip. They opt for the local ways over the typical tourist's, which leaves them experiencing the real thing.

Just like the old saying goes: "Go where the locals are", here are three ways tourists can maximize their European trip by acting like a local.

1. Wake up early.

When tourists are asleep, locals are already out and about doing their morning shopping in the market or jogging in parks with full view of the sun rising. Waking up before the rest of the tour attendees give travelers the chance to experience European cities like their own home.

They can watch the day unfold, like being in the Italian Riviera as soon as the first light of day shows or head to a local coffee shop in France and just sit and watch the Parisians starting their day.

2. Walk around.

Instead of signing up for tours and being crammed into a schedule along with hundreds of other tourists, taking a stroll is much better.

Travelers get a chance to connect with more locals rather than spending their vacations along with other visiting people. Through strolls, one can get to know the city even more, without the pressure of having to move when the tour guide says so. Moreover, there's a stronger chance of making friends with the residents there who can give you a lot more enriching experience.

3. Opt for the back streets.

Europeans know the fact that their city is clogged with enthusiastic tourists, with the main public squares, markets, restaurants and malls all filled up everyday. This is why they take the back streets.

Travelers on the lookout to truly sucking in the city should try doing the same, like walking a few blocks behind St. Mark's Square and finding quaint coffee shops where only the locals go.

This way, tourists can feel as if they are Europeans, even if it's just for a few