Tourists receive good news as a high-speed railway service recently opened to serve travels from Spain to France and vice versa for only 6 hours.

Before France Spain High Speed came about, it took travelers a long train ride of 12 hours to get to either France or Spain. 82 million trips are made between the two famed cities each year and are now expected to increase because of the added convenience.

Since the railway's inauguration last Sunday, the train operator RENFE says they hope to lure in plane passengers soon.

Among the bullet train's top routes are from Marseille to Madrid, Toulouse to Barcelona, Lyon to Barcelona, Paris to Barcelona and Paris to Figueres. Prices depend on the type of accommodations travelers would want to book. Price range goes from $114 to over $260.

The bullet train could be experienced either through Standard or First Class. The former offers buffet car for food purchases, comfortable and spacious seats with headrest and footrest, restrooms at the end of the carriage as well as baby changing facilities.

First Class receives all the amenities from Standard Class plus a choice between single or spacious seats for 2-4 persons, sockets in each seat, more legroom as well as exclusive entry to VIP lounges in Madrid Atocha, Girona and Barcelona Sans stations.

As for other services, the railway company could also accommodate travelers with pets provided they also have tickets. When it comes to luggage, 2 plus the traveler's carry on are allowed in the bullet train. They are also friendly and fully equipped for the needs of PWD. Tourists with bikes don't have to worry as they could bring their gear with them. As for the hungry traveler, France Spain High Speed offers the best of buffet services.

As part of their opening, the railway company are offering exclusive holiday deals and other promotions found in their website.