Roughly 27 million tourists visit Paris every year. Apart from the sights to see and things to do, souvenirs are one of the major reasons why Paris is a top destination in the world.

Being in the French wonderland during the holidays mean finding the most beautiful gifts one can take back home, without burning a hole in the pocket. Here's a rough guide to buying Christmas gifts in Paris without it being too expensive.

1. French Sea Salt

French sea salt or fleur de sel has become one of the most sought after souvenirs among tourists visiting the country. It is one foodie item chefs recommend one should take back home.

A tip here is to go for the sea salt that is greyish in color and is made from Brittany, France. Buying it in bulk is also ideal and for gifts, a nifty repackaging will go a long way.

2. Hot Chocolate Sticks

Christmas is a time of festive and guilt-filled spreads of tasty treats. A must-have when one goes back home is a box of hot chocolate sticks. They come in 51% or 35% cocoa and are an instant delight once swirled in a warm cup of milk.

3. Laundry Soap

The French are known to be very particular with their soap. For a high quality, tourists can a big block of it or 3 small cubes for less than $3 in the grocery store.

For an added holiday touch, tie a French ribbon around the soap.

4. Metal Goûter Boxes

Goûter means "afternoon snack" in French and are usually enjoyed by kids by the end of their school day. A good buy from the kitchen aisle of the grocery store are these little metal goûter boxes, which can be given as gifts to kids.

Throw in a few treats and knick-knacks inside the boxes for an extra-festive finish.

5. Parisian Postcard

Postcards are inexpensive souvenirs to give to friends and families back home. Writing on one and personally sending them through post certainly brings in more warmth and sweetness to the Yuletide season.