Justin Bieber is having a bad week, as he was kicked out of the hotel in Argentina he was staying in, according to the Huffington Post. The reason he was kicked out was because his fans were acting too rowdy outside the hotel and causing a disturbance.

According to TMZ, fans camped outside the Hotel Faena in Buenos Aires for a week, during which they damaged hotel property. Bieber reportedly had trouble finding another hotel, because they knew his hoards of fans would follow him.

Bibber's reps told E! News that Bieber was no longer staying at the Hotel Faena, but they didn't confirm that he was kicked out.

"To all my fans at the hotel. Thank u. I love u. But please calm down and respect the police, we don't want anyone getting hurt," Bieber posted on his Twitter account on November 9.

In addition to the trouble at his hotel, Bieber has also faced charges of vandalism from graffiti done on November 8 in Brazil, when he was caught spray painting the wall of the former Hotel Nacional in Rio de Janeiro, according to US Weekly. He will face a fine for that act.

If that wasn't enough, Bieber also was allegedly caught on tape sleeping on the couch in a popular brothel in Rio de Janeiro. While he was asleep in the brothel, called Centauros, a woman allegedly taped him and posted the video on YouTube. He was then photographed walking out with his bodyguards, covered with a sheet.

Earlier in the year, the singer was also plagued with Internet rumors that he had died in a car accident, leading to Facebook pages and Twitter messages about the death, when Bieber was alive and well the entire time.

Bieber's South American tour ends on Tuesday, after which the tour will continue on to Mexico, New Zealand and Australia.

Video of Bieber allegedly taken by a prostitute.