Grumpy Cat an Internet phenomenon, traveled to Disneyland on Tuesday, where the cat met Grumpy, the dwarf from "Snow White," according to FOX News. The cat, whose name is Tarder Sauce, was determined to be the grumpiest.

The famously grumpy pair faced each other in an empty square near the Sleeping Beauty Castle. The cat was not moved by Grumpy the dwarf's gestures, and just looked grumpier. The cat then went into Mickey's Toontown and sat in Pluto's house, looking bored.

The grumpy cat, who is fluffy and white, became an Internet phenomenon when a video went viral last year, landing the cat a small part in a Hollywood movie, as well as an endorsement deal with Nestle Purina PetCare, as well as inspiring an iced coffee, the Grumppuccino.

Grumpy Cat was one among about two-dozen Internet celebrities who toured Disneyland as part of a new marketing tactic. They are trying to use social media to promote the theme parks to fans of social media stars in what they are calling Show Your Disney Side. The event ended with selfies of the invited guests.

Other Internet celebrities that attended the event included Charlie Capen from the blog "How to Be a Dad," Mindy McKnight, a YouTube star and Ian Padgham, a stop-motion Vine animator.

The guests have a combined following of 30 million people and have generated approximately two billion online views, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"Everyone has a Disney side," Leslie Ferraro, the executive vice president of global marketing at Disney, said. "That more fun-loving, adventurous side that comes out to play at a Disney theme park.

"We invited these Internet artists to express their Disney side, and they delivered with creativity, humor and real passion for our parks," Ferraro continued.

Photographs are the Internet stars are available on the Disney Parks blog and under the hash tag #DisneySide.

Video of Grumpy Cat's visit to Disneyland.