Disabled travelers will find it easier to travel after the government issued a new set of rules on Monday, according to NBC News. The new rules make it easier for disabled travelers to access airline websites.

Airline websites that contain necessary travel information and services have to be accessible to disabled travelers within two years, according to the Department of Transportation. All pages must be available to disabled travelers within three years.

The new regulation also requires that airline-ticketing agents disclose and offer web-based discount fares for customers that can't use the sites as a result of disabilities.

Additionally, both airlines and airports will have to make it accessible for disabled people to use the automated kiosks that provide travelers with their boarding passes and baggage tags as airports purchase new kiosks. If no new kiosks are purchased, airports must still meet the new requirement within 10 years.

Airlines will also be given more flexibility in the way they transfer equipment used by disabled people, such as folding wheelchairs onboard, which will make it possible for airlines to carry up to two wheelchairs in the cabin, the department said. In addition to storing the wheelchairs in closets, airlines will also be allowed to strap a second chair across a row of seats. These closets also must have signs saying that wheelchairs have priority over other carry-on baggage.

The department previously announced that it fined US Airways $1.2 million for failing to provide adequate wheelchair access to passengers in Philadelphia and Charlotte, North Carolina.

"We are investing $2 million per year in continuous enhancements to our technology, staffing and training," US airways said. "This will build on the success of our recent improvements and ensure that our customers with disabilities have a positive travel experience on our airline."

The new rule requires airlines to provide free, immediate wheelchair assistance upon request to any passengers with disabilities, including helping passengers move between gates and make connections to other flights.