An injured kangaroo made its way into Melbourne Airport in Australia on Wednesday, ending up in a pharmacy and shocking many travelers, according to the New York Times.

Emergency responders arrived on the scene and were able to place the animal, nicknamed Cyrus, under the care of a veterinarian after tranquilizing it.

The Melbourne Airport is located near the Australian bush land, an area frequented by kangaroos. The kangaroo ended up at the Quantas terminal, which has a kangaroo as its symbol, and is known among Australians as the "Flying Kangaroo."

"Cyrus, as he has been aptly named after one of the helpers on the scene, will be assessed by a vet following his stressful ordeal," the Wildlife Victoria group said to the Times. The group has taken over care of the animal.

The kangaroo was most likely hit by a car, according to officials. It was bleeding when it got inside the airport. They aren't entirely certain how the kangaroo got into the airport to begin with, according to Anna Gillett, a Melbourne Airport spokeswoman.

The kangaroo became a popular topic on social media, including a posting from a comedian that happened to be at the airport during the kangaroo's escapade.

"Ok, so I'm at Melbourne airport & a KANGAROO has just jumped into the chemist," Julia Morris, an Australian comedian posted on her twitter account. She used the hash tags #notajoke, #soundslikeajoke and #mustneedaprescriptionfilled.

The kangaroo didn't breach any airport security, and was later filmed resting at a wildlife shelter after its airport experience.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time a kangaroo has ended up in Melbourne Airport. Last year, a kangaroo was found wandering around an airport parking garage, according to the Associated Press.

Kangaroos are the unofficial symbol of Australia, appearing on the Australian coat of arms and some of the currency. The symbol of a kangaroo is used by the Royal Australian Air Force as well as the aforementioned Quantas Airlines.

Video footage of the kangaroo found in the Melbourne Airport.