A glass walled restroom in Texas has placed as a finalist in a contest for America's best restroom, according to NBC News. The restroom is located in Sulphur Springs, a town in North Texas.

This restroom has a view, as the town has installed a glass-walled public toilet on the street in their downtown square. The glass walls that make up the public restroom are made of one-way mirrors, which allows those using the bathroom facilities to see outside to the public sidewalks, but prevents anyone on the outside from being able to see in. Instead, the outside glass is a mirror that reflects back the town square to any passerby.

This is accomplished by having a darker interior than the light from outside, using LED lights that shine outside of the mirrored restroom at night, which prevents people from watching those in the facility.

The bathroom cost $54,000 to install, which some may consider a waste of money, but the city said the bathroom is for more than just taking care of personal business. They are also considered functional works of at that the city hopes will win the Cintas "America's Best Restroom" contest.

The restroom has competition from other restrooms in New York, Oregon, as well as many others for a prize that is open to voting from the public.

The finalists were chosen by a team of survey editors that were tasked with finding the ten best restrooms for the public to choose from as they vote for their favorites.

Voting has already started and is open to the public. Anyone interested can cast their vote by going to the website and voting for their favorite restroom through October 31 to decide who will be awarded Cintas' America's Best Restroom.

Visitors to the website can take a photographic tour tour through each of the facilities before they have the opportunity to vote on their favorite.

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