Top 5 Things to Do In Dublin

1)    Bike Along the Liffey & Killiney Shore

The River Liffey runs through the central part of Dublin, and there are tree-lined sidewalks the entire length of the river within the city. There are even multiple bridges so you can skip back and forth with regard to what side of the river you want to ride along.  Biking is a good way to get an overview of the city.

2)    Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is Europe's largest public green space. It also houses the Dublin Zoo, which is the third-oldest zoo in Europe. It's also the location of Farmleigh House, an Edwardian estate with a working farm. The visitor's center is a great place to start so you can get a layout of the park and see information on the sites you are interested in. You can enjoy the gardens as you walk through the lush open areas.

3)    Grafton & O'Connell Street

Grafton Street is Dublin's busiest shopping area, almost an outdoor shopping mall. It usually has street musicians performing and buskers are often lining the street. The street ends near St. Stephen's Green, a lovely park with a pond that makes a great place to take a stroll after shopping.

O'Connell Street takes you across the bridge, and is lined with shops, including ice cream shops and movie theaters. It's less "cultural" and more touristy and commercial, but the view of the River Liffey from the bridge gives you a good orientation to the city.

4)    National Museum of Ireland

This is Ireland's most important cultural institution and was established in 1977. It shows off Ireland's archaeological treasures, including many relics from the Vikings.

5)    Trinity College & Dublin Castle

Take a guided tour of the college and learn about the history while enjoying the architecture. It's also the place to see the famous Book of Kells, which was written by monks in the ninth century, and is one of the most interesting artifacts from the Dark Ages.

Dublin Castle was the center of British power in Ireland for almost 800 years, until the country broke off into the separate Republic of Ireland. It was built on the order of King John in 1204. The Castle also houses the Chester Beatty Library, one of Dublin's best museums.