After months of secrecy around their baby's due date, it is now out in the press that Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby has a due date of July 13.

The Daily Mail reported that when Kate was rushed to King Edward VII hospital with morning sickness in December, the palace was forced to announce she was expecting. The Daily Mail reported that a friend of Kate and William's said, "'Some of Kate and William's closest pals were at a barbecue hosted by a family friend of the Royals recently. 

They were all discussing the fact that Kate's baby is due to be born on July 13. Everyone was very excited."

If the due date is true, the baby will be born during the four day Coronation Festival which is July 11-14 that marks when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1953.

The Daily Mail reported that the bay is expected to be delivered at St Mary's hospital in Paddington in the private Lindo Wing. She will be under supervision of Royal gynocologist's Alan Farthing and Marcus Setchell.

The baby's sex is still unclear but there have been rumors that it is a boy.

"Now it appears the child will have a birthday closer to the Duchess of Cornwall's, on July 17.  Unless the baby is more than nine days late, it will be born under the same cancer star sign as Diana, an avid astrology follower. 

July 13 is also the birthday of satirist Ian Hislop, actor Harrison Ford, painter Frida Kahlo and  even Julius Caesar - although some historians argue that he may have been born the day before," reported The Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail has reported that there have been proposed changes to the rules of successions for royals which would mean that if the baby was a girl she would be third in line to the throne, regardless of if she has a younger brother or not.

A Palace spokesman added to The Daily Mail, "We have only said that the Duchess is due in July. Anything further would be speculation."