A newborn baby was found on a Oahu, Hawaii beach on Monday April 29th. The Associated Press reported that the baby girl was abandoned and found crying soon after she was born. The state Department of Human Services Director Patricia McManaman said to The Associated Press that the baby was "abandoned immediately after birth."

She was found at Sandy Beach in east Honolulu. An unnamed 21-year-old woman parked at the beach sometime between 11 p.m. Sunday and midnight. She heard a few people screaming and then, when the screaming stopped she heard a baby crying. She walked towards the water and found the baby crying on the sand. She took the baby to the hospital and police are investigating the case.

McManaman said to The AP,  "We're just very grateful this child is alive and doing well." The baby is now at Queen's Medical Center and doing well.

"If no one comes forward to claim the child, the Department of Human Services will file a petition this week with family court, asking for custody. A hearing will be held by Monday. If no family is identified, the state will ask the court for permission to release a photo of the infant on Monday, McManaman said," reported The AP.

Jonathan Kamai who is a Sandy Beach regular, said to  HawaiiNewsNow.com  that he was happy "the child had an angel that came and helped her out." "It would have to be something tragic for someone to just leave their newborn here," he added. "Just as a father, how somebody could actually just do that kind of stuff - it's just crazy."

Hawaii adopted the baby safe haven law in 2007 which provides immunity from prosecution for leaving an unharmed newborn within 72 hours of birth at a police department, fire station, hospital or with emergency services.