Ashley Judd looked stunning in a blue Herve Leger dress on the red carpet Monday. Judd, 44, was attending the "Olympus Has Fallen" premiere donned in the low-cut and skin tight body con dress, showing off her sexy figure.

Judd greeted costars of the movie, Gerard Butler, 43, and Morgan Freeman on the red carpet. Yahoo News reported that Judd may have caught Butler's eye. According to sources they spent time together at the film premier's after party at Lure nightclub in Hollywood. A source said to US Weekly that "Ashley smiled the whole time while talking to Gerard."

Judd split up with her long time love Dario Franchitti in January. They said to US Weekly in a statement, "We'll always be family and continue to cherish our relationship based on the special love, integrity, and respect we have always enjoyed."

n the fast and dangerous sport of IndyCar racing, Dario Franchitti could always take comfort in knowing his biggest fan would be waiting for him at the finish line in her signature floppy hat and movie star smile. 

Wife Ashley Judd's devotion was never more public than when Franchitti won his first of three Indianapolis 500s on a rain-soaked day in 2007 as she danced and ran down the raceway to celebrate. 

Franchitti is a race car driver and Ashley reportedly supported his career.

"When he was introduced, or got a good pole position she yelled and waved her hands in the air and was there to support him in a big way," a source at another track, Watkins Glen International raceway in New York, said to PEOPLE magazine in February. "He is not that outgoing but it seemed cute and like a nice thing for a high-profile actress to be so there for her husband." 

One source said to PEOPLE that there relationship was up and down.

"They can be having a drink or dinner and all of a sudden sparks will fly, and they will be fighting over something that was said in their group of friends," said another source. "Then it would stop and everything was fine between them." 

They married in 2001 and have no children together.