Wisconsin Travel has enlisted the help of comedic director David Zucker for their new tourism advertisement. Zucker directed the classic, slapstick comedy "Airplane!"

Zucker enlisted "Airplane!" alum Robert Hays who starred in the movie is in the short advertisement.

"By showing the myriad ways in which a trip to a lake can go horribly wrong, the ad takes a somewhat backwards approach to promotion. That said, it does send a strong message that Wisconsin isn't taking itself too seriously. Compare the ad to the ponderous spots put out by places like Colorado, and Wisconsin looks like the fun guy at the party -- at least if you consider the guy making Shirley/surely jokes at a party the fun guy," reported The Huffington Post.

Zucker was also part of the Naked Gun movie series. Zucker has also produced a winter tourism commercial for Wisconsin in the past. Hays who played, Ted Striker in the "Airplane!" movies said to the Associated Press that he Zucker asked him to be involved.

"Obviously, I said, 'Surely you can't be serious?' Hays said in a news conference the AP reported. "And he said, 'I am serious and let's go see a gladiator movie,' something like that."

Hays was comically quoting two famous lines from the movie. Zucker grew up in Wisconsin and attented the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The commercial will air next summer in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Iowa.

The AP reported that the budget for the commercial was $250,000 and Zucker said he plans to donate his reduced fee to an organization that plants trees, based in Los Angeles. He did the same for the winter commercial.

Fantle said the commercial's budget is $250,000. Zucker said he plans to donate his reduced fee toward a tree planting organization in Los Angeles, which he did for the winter commercial as well.

"It was like winning the lottery for me, they were so wonderful to work with. I just love them and we are all still good friends," Hays said of acting in the "Airplane" movies.

See the commercial below: