A middle school student in Michigan showed up to school on Monday with $20,000. NBC News reported that the unidentified 12-year-old girl had a backpack full of cash with her that she was handing out to friends in wads.

"The school district called us and said a 12-year-old student had a backpack full of money," Police Chief Mary Sclabassi said to The Detroit News.

She reportedly got the money from another child who lives across the street from her parent's house in a suburb of Detroit, Taylor. Police Chief Mary Sclabassi said to The Detroit News that authorities at the school became suspicious when the girl was spotted giving a $100 bill to another classmate. Some students were even handed as much as $500.

The schools principal learned about it and called the police. All the money was received and it is still unclear why she had that much money. They are currently holding the money until an explanation is given.

"Had word gotten out to maybe someone other than some other 12-year-olds, it could have put [the student] in a dangerous position," Sclabassi said to WDIV.

The school that it occurred at was Sixth Grade Academy which has about 600 students and is located on Pine Street.

"The principal became aware of it when she heard the student was giving money away to friends," the police chief said to Detroit News. "They brought in the student, secured the backpack and retrieved the money she had given away. This is a real first for me."

Taylor School District says its mission is "to maximize the talents and abilities of all." In 2010 the population of Taylor was over 63,000 people. It was originally known as Taylor Township and then changed in 1968 to the City of Taylor. The city was named after Zachary Taylor who was a military hero and went on to be the 12th president of the U.S.