A US Airways flight was diverted due to a maintenance issue. Hawaii News Now reported that the flight was on its way from Maui to Phoenix, Arizona and had to divert and land in Honolulu, Hawaii on monday night.

The plane which departed from Maui at 10:25 p.m. landed in Honolulu at 2:01 a.m. and taxied to a gate. A spokesman for US Airways Group, Todd Lemacher said to the Associated Press that the flight was less than halfway to Phoenix when it had to turn around.

Lehmacher said to the AP that the Boeing 757 had two kits and one of them was malfunctioning.

"Lehmacher says about half the plane's 166 passengers will depart Tuesday night, while the other half were rebooked on other airlines," reported the AP.

Last May a US Airways flight had to be diverted in Maine after woman claimed she had a surgically implanted device. The woman, Zeeko Marigot, is a French Citizen born in Camaroon and was turned over to Customs and Border Protection to be sent home.

The Flight 787 was diverted to Bangor International Airport on its way to North Carolina from Paris. It included 179 passengers and nine crew members who spent several hours at Bangor before heading to Charlotte, reported The Huffington Post.

"The investigation determined that Marigot, who speaks only French, gave a note to a flight attendant along with a book she had written," reported The Huffington Post. She said that she had been wronged by doctors and that she ahd something implanted inside her that was "out of control." She also mentioned that she wanted medical help from President Obama and the American people.

The Huffington Post reported that twho doctors aboard the craft examined her  and found no evidence or stitches or an incision and the FBI concluded later that she was not a danger to the passengers or the plane.