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Travelers Today       By    Antranig Dereyan

Updated: Mar 11, 2013 05:31 PM EDT

Text Size: A A A is a newly launched website that according to its press release will "rewards travelers with up to 40 percent off airfare by proving that they're traveling for leisure." 

"Nearly one in five seats on all flights worldwide are empty, and we view that as a huge opportunity for more people to get out and see the world. So we decided to help flexible leisure travelers get great deals on these open seats by proving that they are actually traveling for leisure," said Alek Vernitsky, Co-Founder and CEO of GetGoing. "Our Pick Two, Get OneTM system also provides a new incremental revenue stream - verified leisure travelers - for airlines, while ensuring that existing revenue from business travelers and less flexible leisure travelers is not disrupted." quote taken from press release.

Here is it how it works:

  1. Discover - The GetGoing platform allows customers to search not only by specific destinations, but also by the type of trip they want to go on (e.g., a trip to the beach, European vacation, etc.). GetGoing searches hundreds of destinations - taking into account season, length of trip, and more - to discover the best options and deals for each traveler. 
  2. Decide - The traveler selects two ideal destinations from an array of deeply discounted options. GetGoing lets people compare prices with the other travel sites in real time. Travelers can select specific dates and flight times, so they know exactly what their trip will look like before they book. Then GetGoing decides which of the two selected trips they'll go on, books the trip, and instantly shows the traveler their final itinerary.  
  3. Discount - GetGoing's Pick Two, Get OneTM platform provides great rates to travelers, as long as they can be validated as flexible leisure travelers. That's why GetGoing makes the final selection. After all, business travelers need to go to a specific location and can't leave their final destination up to GetGoing. If they need to be in London for meetings, they wouldn't risk ending up in Rome.  

The question then becomes--how does the travel win?

Simple, Using GetGoing, leisure travelers are rewarded with the best prices on flights for being flexible on their destination. 

Remember, the more flexible the traveler is, the better the savings could be.

If, for example, one wants to go to Europe and wants to stay or see Rome and Paris,, can find the best deal for those two destinations.

The way airlines wins is also very simplistic:

GetGoing provides airlines with a new and rare customer analysis tool that enables the airlines to target discounts only to flexible leisure travelers. This introduces a new revenue stream for airlines, without disrupting existing revenue sources. GetGoing is a technology platform that works seamlessly with airlines' existing pricing and distribution systems, so the airlines get a new tool in their arsenal for more effective, targeted online sales. 

"The GetGoing model will appeal to airlines because it provides tremendous revenue upside without disrupting their existing revenue segments," said former airline industry executive and current industry advisor Al Lenza. "This offering is structured in a way that produces incremental revenue for the industry, and does so with an airline-friendly distribution model," taken from press release.

Department of Transportation Statistics show that US carriers fly at an average 82% capacity, and international carriers are flying with an average 79% capacity. That results in approximately 160M seats a year domestically and over 300M seats internationally that are not filled - representing an estimated $25 billion in unsold seats in the US and $50 billion in unsold seats globally each year. GetGoing's goal is to help airlines fill those seats by helping the flexible traveler not only find those seats, but save money when they book them. 

For more information, please visit, follow us on Twitter @GetGoingTravel ( or on Facebook:

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