Kennedy Space Center is bringing the popular Angry Birds video game to life with their new exhibit. USA Today reported that the Angry Birds Space Encounter will be open to the public on March 22. The space center in Florida will bring the game to life that will be included in the Visitor Complex admission.

The exhibit is focused on space adventures and the birds trying to get their kidnapped eggs back. The Kennedy Space Center's website said, "For the first time anywhere, Angry Birds are flying from the digital screen to the hands-on real world when Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex unveils the new Angry Birds Space Encounter, currently scheduled to open March 22. Grand opening ceremonies are at 11 am that date."

USA Today reported that there are six stations at the exhibit include one where visitors battle villains and one has a giant sling shot where visitors can sling birds like in the popular video game.

"After entering the Angry Birds wormhole, guests have the opportunity to experience any of the seven interactive exhibits," says the Kennedy Space Center's website. "They include Create Your Own Angry Bird, where guests can make a customized Angry Bird on a computer screen; Angry Birds sliding puzzle, where visitors slide pieces of a puzzle to reveal one of the Angry Bird characters; and the popular Slingshot target game, where you launch small Angry Birds at targets."

Guests at the exhibit will also be able to go through a Danger Zone mirror maze as well as a Red Plant Laser challenge.

Last summer the Kennedy Space Center opened to the public for the first time in its 50 year history. The public opening of the historic center allowed visitors to view up-close one of the pads from which the space shuttles were launch.

The tour was labeled, the "KSC Up-Close: Launch Pad Tour" and was one of three tours offered during its 50th anniversary. The tour ran through the end of 2012 and was comprised of  tours of Launch Complex 39, Launch Pad 39-A, from which all six Apollo missions to the moon were launched.

Bill Moore, chief operating officer for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor complex said in a statement, "You're going to be close to where history has been made and will be made in the future with new programs currently under development for space exploration."