Japan is known for kitschy themed restaurants including everything from Ninja to a space themed eateries. They also have a popular cat café concept where patrons can come hang out for an hour in the café to pet cats and have a drink. Currently in Japan there are approximately 160 cat cafes. Now, the kitty café concept is making its way to London.

ABC News reported that London is expected to get the Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium. An Australian woman, Lauren Pears raised $140,000 through crowd funding to open up the café. In a fundraising video she said that the café is "just like a regular cafe. It sells coffee, tea, cakes and snacks. The only difference is that it is full of cats."

Pears also stated on her website that she is looking for staff for her café. "A number of great opportunities will soon become available for professional cats of all experience levels to join an exciting start-up cat cafe in the heart of London's trendy east end," she said on ladydinahs.com. "This is a customer facing role, and will suit an easy going puss that enjoys networking and meeting new people.  Some prior experience of retail or catering industries may be considered an advantage."

Conditions like small living spaces, long working hours and apartments that don't allow pets all add to the list to why Pears thinks a cat café is necessary in London.  ABC News reported that the cats who will call the café home will come from shelters. "Many cats will soon be adopted and spend their lives in the lap of luxury," Pears wrote on her blog. "And many Londoners and visitors will soon be relaxing with a mug of hot beverage of choice and a bundle of purring joy."

Pears added, "we see no distinction between a purebred and a stray mog.  Love is love, cat is cat, and we love them all."

The café's goal is to be open in London in May.