"Jersey Shore's" Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has lost a whopping 32 pounds. US Weekly scooped that the former party girl, 25, has lost her baby weight and then some since August.

Snookie got engaged to boyfriend Jionni LaValle and had her baby boy, Lorenzo in August.

 "When you have a baby, everything changes," she said to US Weekly.

She revealed her 42 pound weight loss in the recent addition of US Weekly donned in a sexy bikini. "I lost it for me," she said to Us, "but I also wanted Jionni to know that I can be hot as a mom."

The Huffington Post reported that Snookie lost some weight back in 2011 and said she lost the weight via a diet pill called Zantrex. This time however, its due to eating right and exercising.

"I've been working out with a trainer since Halloween," she said to People Magazine.

She tweeted Wednesday that "Hard work pays off!" and also thanked Express Home Fitness meal service. She said to US Weekly that ""You just need to get your a** to the gym and eat healthy!" She stuck to a reported 1300 calorie diet and four days of exercise per week to drop the weight.

She also told People that she wanted new kids and was hoping for twins next. In an interview with xoJane, Snooking also discussed her post baby sex life. "I mean we still try to have sex a lot, and I think we do, but it definitely is different after a baby," she said. "It kind of hurts a little bit. You know, cause you pushed something out of there. It kind of makes it difficult, but we still try to have sex -- because you still have to have a relationship."

She also added that her sex drive has decreased since giving birth.

"Sometimes I just get so tired with the baby that I have no energy to have sex, and I don't even want to touch Jionni," she added. "Definitely before I was a lot hornier."

Fox News reported that when she stops having kids she says she wants breast implants.

"I've always wanted a boob job because I have big boobs, but when I take the bra off, they sag. I hate that," she said. "Everyone's telling me to get them done after I have my kids. So I'm going to pop 'em out and then get a boob job. I love Jenni's [fake] boobs, and I want boobs like that."

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