Barbara Walters who co-hosts "The View" revealed on Tuesday that the person who gave her chicken pox was actor, Frank Langella.

Walters took a six-week break from "The View" and recently returned after she fainted and had a concussion while at the British ambassador's house in Washington D.C. She later found out that she was infected with chicken pox.

She revealed on Monday she had shared a New Years kiss with an actor who had shingles, though she didn't know he did at the time. She then revealed on Tuesday that it was Langella.

USA Today reported Walters' saying "After a lot of scratching and rest, I am fine and I am healthy."

She said, "I gave him a New Year's hug and a kiss on the cheek. The next day he left. What he didn't know then, and I didn't know at all, was that he was about to develop a bad case of shingles."

E! News reported that Walters said "If you have never had chickenpox, you can get it from someone who has shingles," she said. "I didn't know that."

"The pox came and went weeks ago. The head injury took longer," Walters added. "People have said I should have my head examined. I did and I'm fine. "

Langella is a screen and stage actor who became an international star when he played Dracula in 1979. He received an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Richard Nixon in the movie, "Frost/Nixon" in 2007.

It was rumored in 2009 that Langella and Walters were linked romantically after Walters took Langella to the Literary Lions dinner at the Public Library. Langella used to date "The View" costar, Whoopi Goldberg. However Walters squashed the romance rumors and told The New York Posts "Page Six,"

After three marriages and many beaus, Walters took the star, who has played both Dracula and Richard Nixon, to the Literary Lions dinner at the Public Library. Plus, they were together for the weekend recently in Washington for the Kennedy Center Honors. Langella is the former love of Walter's co-star on "The View," Whoopi Goldberg. Walters told Page Six: "Frank and I have been friends for many years and will continue to be friends for many years, but it's not a romance."