What many don't known is that the Australian city of Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, has an exciting mix of historical and architecture wonders, as well as cool spots that appeal to the younger crowd. This makes Melbourne a must-visit city for all travelers heading down under. 

If you so happen to be planning a trip to Melbourne or you just need additional motivation to book that ticket, here are some of the city's best tourist attractions. 

AC/DC Lane

AC/DC Lane, Melbourne, Australia

(Photo : Gabriel Tan on Unsplash)

Named after Australian rock band AC/DC, AC/DC Lane can be found in the central business district of Melbourne. This laneway was actually known as the Corporation Lane before it was renamed in 2004. 

AC/DC Lane is one of the places in Melbourne where street art is actually allowed in a public place. Visitors can expect to find a number of music-themed street art. Foodies also head here to check out the restaurants, cafes, and bar that call it home. 

Flinders Street Railway Station 

Flinders Street Railway Station, Melbourne, Australia

(Photo : Linda Xu on Unsplash )

A visit to Melbourne should always include a stop at Australia's oldest railway station. That's none other than the Flinders Street railway station, which was opened in 1854. 

It's arched entrance, green dome, and yellow facade have made this railway station a favorite among travelers, especially those who enjoy taking pictures of it. Given its historical and cultural significance, the building has been listed on the Victorian Heritage Register since 1982. 

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Luna Park Melbourne

Luna Park, Melbourne, Australia

(Photo : Reki Woo on Unsplash)

If you're a thrill seeker looking for some fun at an amusement park, Melbourne's got you covered as well. Opened in 1912 in the suburb of St Kilda, this amusement park has rides that cater to a wide variety of visitors. From families to hardcore roller coaster fans, there is something for everybody here. 

In particular, the world's oldest continually operating roller coaster can be found in Luna Park, which is none other than The Great Scenic Railway. 

State Library Victoria 

State Library Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

(Photo : Daniel Pelaez Duque on Unsplash)

Melbourne is where you can find another one of Australia's oldest, and this time, it's the oldest library. Established in 1854, the State Library Victoria is one of the world's first free libraries. 

Visitors can find over two million books within its walls, as well as thousands of maps, manuscripts, and even digital material. This is also where you can find the full armor of Australian bushranger and outlaw Ned Kelly. 

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