For the first time in 170 years, Balmoral Castle is opening its doors to the public for guided tours. Starting July 1, visitors can explore various rooms of the castle located in Aberdeenshire, including the entrance hall, the red corridor, and both the main and family dining rooms.

Balmoral Castle Opens for Public Tours After 170 Years

(Photo : Daniel Kraft on Wikimedia Commons)

Balmoral Castle Opens Historical Doors

Balmoral Castle, once a private retreat for Queen Elizabeth II, holds deep historical significance as it was purchased by Prince Albert in 1852 and is best known as the place where the late queen passed away in 2022. 

As mentioned in The Guardian, under the new reign of King Charles, significant changes have been introduced to the interior design of the castle. Notably, King Charles decided to replace the drawing room carpets with Hunting Stewart tartan, returning to the original style selected by Queen Victoria.

It is decorated with works by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, a Victorian artist of Queen Victoria's favorite painter, and the history is firmly underlined. Now, it functions as the King's study, although originally, it was a breakfast and lunch room for Victoria and Albert.

The organized tours, which enable the visitors to view the library, the drawing-room, and other parts of the castle pertinent to the history, are sold out in less than a day. 

The report also added that the prices are £100 and £150 each, with the latter offering afternoon tea; 40 people are allowed to tour this royal house each day.

During this short period of the year before the Royals arrive for their summer stay at the castle, Balmoral Castle opens to the public, offering the ability to experience firsthand the homes of Britain's monarchs with limited frequency.

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Royal Tours with Strict Rules

Starting on Monday, Balmoral Castle is opening up for special tours, but there's a big rule: no phones allowed. According to the Daily Mail, if you're one of the lucky 3,400 people who got a ticket, you will have to leave your phone at the door. 

This helps keep the castle calm and private, just like it has always been for the royal family.

The castle also makes sure it stays clean for all to enjoy. Everyone must wear covers on their shoes while they walk around. This keeps the floors neat and tidy. 

During the visit, groups of ten people will be taken around by a guide who knows all about the castle's history. They will see seven special rooms that are usually just for the royal family.

Balmoral Castle, a beautiful old building in Scotland, has been a quiet getaway for kings and queens for a long time. Now, for a few weeks, it's sharing its secrets with the public. 

Visitors will see where the Queen liked to spend her holidays and look at rooms filled with history, without the distraction of phones.

This tour is a rare chance to see inside a royal home and peacefully learn about the past. So, remember, if you go, enjoy the moment and the quiet, because that's part of the special experience at Balmoral Castle.

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