Marilyn Monroe's former residence in Brentwood, Los Angeles, has officially been declared a historic cultural monument after a year-long fight against developers. 

The Los Angeles city council voted unanimously on Wednesday to protect the iconic Spanish colonial property where the famed actress once lived.

Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood Home Wins Battle to Become Monument

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Marilyn Monroe House Now Protected

The Marilyn Monroe house Brentwood, which Monroe purchased in 1962 for $75,000, became the center of a preservation effort to recognize its historical significance. 

Councilmember Traci Park emphasized that protecting this home was a long overdue action. She highlighted that it was vital for historical preservation and honoring the contributions of women, who are less frequently recognized in such designations.

Despite the home undergoing numerous renovations over the years, many still see the value in preserving its legacy. 

According to The Guardian, advocates for the home argued it remains a significant part of Hollywood history. However, the current owners, Brinah Milstein and her husband Roy Bank, felt differently. 

They noted that the property had changed extensively since Monroe's time and maintained that it did not warrant monument status. They expressed concerns about the legal processes involved and the increased traffic from tourism the designation might bring.

The couple's objections were not enough to sway the council's decision. The city has now taken steps to manage the impact on the local community, considering measures to limit tour bus access in the area.

Preserving the Marilyn Monroe house Brentwood marks a significant moment for those who cherish the cultural heritage of Los Angeles. It stands as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe's enduring legacy and the city's commitment to preserving its historical landmarks.

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Historic LA Home Saved from Demolition

Marilyn Monroe's last residence in Brentwood, Los Angeles, has been spared from demolition after the city council unanimously voted to declare it a historic cultural monument. Monroe, a legendary film star known for classics like "Some Like It Hot," had bought the house located at 12305 West 5th Helena Drive for $75,000 in 1962. 

She passed away there just six months later.

Brinah Milstein, a real estate heiress, and Roy Bank, a producer of the reality TV show "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?", own the property next to Marilyn Monroe's old house. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, in 2023, they purchased Monroe's house for $8.35 million, planning to expand their own property. The couple filed a lawsuit against the city in May, arguing that the city's efforts to protect the house as a historic site were illegal because the house didn't deserve such status.

After the city council's decision on Wednesday to protect Monroe's house, Milstein and Bank's lawyer, Peter C. Sheridan, criticized the decision. He said that the vote was unfair and claimed that changes made to the house over the years had removed any traces of Monroe's brief time there 60 years ago. 

Sheridan also argued that Councilmember Traci Park ignored her community's needs and relevant facts throughout this process, suggesting that this puts everyone's property and investments at risk.

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