So, you've landed on Martha's Vineyard, and you're ready to explore-where do you even start? This island, with beaches and small towns, packs a punch with activities that cater to just about every taste.

While you're in Martha's Vineyard, why not take a spin on the historic Flying Horses Carousel? Catching the brass ring for a free ride is a rite of passage here. 

But aside from this, what else? Read on and discover the six best things to do when you're on this Massachusetts island. 

South Beach

When you visit Martha's Vineyard, South Beach is a must for any beach lover. Known for its lively surf and long stretches of sand, it's perfect for both sunbathing and swimming. The beach is located in Edgartown and is accessible by bike, which makes for a scenic ride. 

Families and solo travelers will find it a refreshing spot to relax and enjoy the ocean views. Remember to pack your sunscreen and a good book to make the most of your day under the sun.

6 Best Things to Do When You're in Martha's Vineyard
South Beach, Massachusetts
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Aquinnah Cliffs

The Aquinnah Cliffs are a spectacular sight on Martha's Vineyard, offering more than just stunning views. These colorful cliffs have layers of history, formed over millions of years. 

You can take a walk along the beach below to see them up close. It's a great spot for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers. Just be sure to respect the protected area and follow the guidelines during your visit.

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Flying Horses Carousel

No trip to Martha's Vineyard is complete without a ride on the Flying Horses Carousel in Oak Bluffs. This historic carousel is the oldest operating platform carousel in the nation. Kids and adults can grab the brass rings with each turn for a chance to win a free ride. 

The charm and nostalgia of this ride make it a beloved landmark. It is a perfect way to add a little magic and excitement to your day.

Oak Bluffs Gingerbread Cottages

Take a walk through the whimsical Gingerbread Cottages of Oak Bluffs. Every cottage is decorated with intricate details and bright colors, offering a feast for the eyes. 

This area has a rich history dating back to the 19th century, starting as a Methodist campsite. Today, these cottages represent a unique architectural style and are a key attraction. It is a great way to step back in time and experience the island's culture and history.

6 Best Things to Do When You're in Martha's Vineyard

(Photo : Tripadvisor)

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

For those who love the outdoors, Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary provides a peaceful escape. With trails winding through marshes, forests, and along the shoreline, there is plenty to see. 

You might spot some local wildlife, including birds and turtles, as you walk. It is an excellent place for a quiet hike or a picnic. The sanctuary is also a great spot for families looking to educate their children about nature and conservation.

Meet the Alpacas at Island Alpaca

Visiting the Island Alpaca farm is a fun and fuzzy experience. Here, you can meet and feed over 70 alpacas and even a friendly llama. The farm offers a glimpse into the care and breeding of these charming animals. 

You can also shop for alpaca wool products, which are incredibly soft and warm. It is a delightful way for visitors of all ages to interact with animals and learn more about farming on the island.

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