Grenada is enhancing its beauty to underwater adventurers with new sculptures at Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park and plans to open a new park off Carriacou. The existing park, known for its submerged art, received 31 new statues last year, increasing its collection, which initially began in 2006.

Grenada's Thriving Underwater Sculpture Attractions

Grenada Expands Underwater Wonders with New Sculptures, Park

(Photo : From Jason deCaires Taylor)

The Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park, created by British sculptor and ecologist Jason deCaires Taylor, originally featured several statues designed to foster marine life and act as artificial reefs. 

According to Travel Weekly, among the standout pieces in the park are "Vicissitudes," a circle of 26 children holding hands, and "The Lost Correspondent," which depicts a man typing on a typewriter. 

These installations not only serve artistic purposes but also help in coral growth, providing a habitat for marine life.

New additions to the park include "Coral Carnival," a vibrant series representing Grenada's Spicemas festival with 25 statues adorned in elaborate costumes. 

Another notable piece is "Bench + Selfie," which encourages interaction by allowing visitors to pose next to a statue of a woman taking a selfie.

Despite concerns about visibility due to a Saharan dust storm, the clarity underwater remained sufficient for snorkeling. While diving provides a closer view, many statues are placed shallow enough for snorkelers to enjoy detailed observations. 

The park is accessible via scuba diving, snorkeling, and glass-bottom boat tours, with departures from St. Georges and Grand Anse Beach.

Later this year, Grenada, in collaboration with Taylor, will introduce a second underwater sculpture park near Carriacou, aiming to replicate the success of the Molinere Park and boost eco-tourism in the region. 

This expansion shows Grenada's commitment to innovative marine conservation and enhancing its tourism offerings.

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Sustainable Tourism Conference Emphasizing Partnerships

Last month, Grenada was the venue for the Caribbean Tourism Organization's Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development. The event centered around the theme "The 5 Ps for a Legacy of Caribbean Tourism Sustainability: People, Planet, Prosperity, Purpose & Partnership." 

Keynote speaker Adam Stewart, chairman of Sandals Resorts International, highlighted the crucial role of partnerships in the swift recovery of regional tourism.

Stewart shared insights on collaboration across various sectors including agriculture, transportation, and entertainment which significantly contributed to the industry's resilience. 

In another report from Travel Weekly, Stewart noted that partnerships have been essential, from working with cruise ships and land-based operators to local communities.

The conference drew a diverse group of attendees, from tourism ministers to eco-friendly hotel representatives and technology manufacturers focused on decarbonization. Discussions underscored the importance of local engagement and sustainable practices.

Marc Melville, CEO of Chukka Caribbean Adventures, discussed his company's long-standing commitment to community-based tourism and environmental stewardship, emphasizing that sustainable tourism has been integral to their operations across six countries.

The conference also looked ahead to the Grenada Dive and Conservation Festival scheduled for September, showcasing Grenada's commitment to integrating local industries like agriculture and scuba diving into educational tourism activities.

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