Chatlyn, a company known for creating software for the travel and hospitality industry, has introduced its latest AI chatbot at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2024 in the Middle East. The event is a significant platform for showcasing new travel technologies and services.

Chatlyn Debuts Next-Gen AI for Hospitality at Arabian Travel Market

(Photo : Screenshot image taken from the official website of Chatlyn)

Chatlyn AI Chatbot Revolutionizes Hotel Communications

The new AI chatbot by Chatlyn is designed to handle natural language and understand grammatical details in nearly any language, including Arabic. 

According to Breaking News Travel, this feature is crucial for providing accurate, real-time answers, which improves communication for hotels serving guests from different parts of the world. It can also manage longer conversations in one go by handling up to 4,000 tokens per interaction. 

This makes it capable of understanding and responding to complex queries quickly and effectively.

Another innovative feature of Chatlyn's AI chatbot is its ability to process any business PDF uploaded by users and deliver precise answers almost instantly. It makes the chatbot a powerful tool for accessing information quickly, which has proven to increase the success rate of resolving customer queries during its BETA testing phase.

Since its launch in late 2022, Chatlyn has grown rapidly and now works with over 1,000 properties worldwide, including many well-known brands in the travel industry. 

The company's products, including the AI chatbot, aim to transform how hotels engage with customers through an omnichannel inbox, AI assistants, and an Automation Studio. These tools work across various communication platforms such as web chat, WhatsApp, email, and social media, enhancing customer interactions and increasing satisfaction and efficiency.

The introduction of this AI chatbot at ATM 2024 shows Chatlyn's commitment to advancing hospitality services through innovative technology.

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Chatlyn Opens New Office in Dubai

Chatlyn, a leading company in guest experience software for the travel and hospitality industry, has opened a new office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The expansion is part of Chatlyn's plan to grow its presence in the Middle East and to meet the increasing demand for AI-driven communication tools in hospitality.

Founded in late 2022 by industry experts, Chatlyn has grown quickly. In less than two years, the company expanded its team from three founders to more than 30 professionals with offices in Austria, Spain, and Germany

Now, Chatlyn supports over 1,000 properties globally with its advanced AI chatbot, which is considered the most sophisticated in the market.

The company's products, including an omnichannel inbox, AI assistants, and an Automation Studio, are designed to improve how hotels connect with customers through various platforms such as web chat, WhatsApp, email, and social media. 

This ensures high customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Nicolas Vorsteher, Co-founder of Chatlyn, stated, according to Travel and Tour World, "Our expansion into Dubai marks a significant step in our commitment to the Middle East, where we have already seen substantial success with prominent brands."

This new hub will focus on sales, support, and operations in the region, helping Chatlyn provide real-time, personalized service solutions to hospitality brands.

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