Disneyland is updating its Disability Access Service (DAS) policies at its parks in California and Florida. The changes, which start on May 20 for Disney World and June 18 for Disneyland, include new ways to register and longer validity for passes. These updates aim to better serve guests with disabilities by making the parks more accessible.

Disneyland Improves Accessibility with New Disability Access Service Changes
Disneyland updates disability access, bans cheats for life.
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Major Updates to Accessibility Services at Disney Parks

Disneyland has announced significant changes to its Disability Access Service (DAS), which helps guests who cannot endure long waits in standard lines due to disabilities. The updates involve new registration methods and adjustments to how long the service can be used.

Starting May 20 at Disney World and June 18 at Disneyland, new guests must sign up for DAS through a virtual video call instead of in person. Although Disneyland will still offer in-person registration, it will be relocated to an area outside the parks. Disney recommends that guests handle registration early during their trip planning, but they also provide the option for same-day virtual registration.

Previously, guests could use the DAS for 60 days after signing up. Now, Disneyland is extending this period to 120 days for new registrations made after the update takes effect, aiming to accommodate the growing demand for the service. This longer validity period helps ensure that guests with disabilities can enjoy their visit without needing frequent renewals.

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USA Today revealed that the update also includes additional support like American Sign Language interpretation, sensory guides, and special devices for guests with hearing impairments. These enhancements are part of Disneyland and Disney World's effort to improve accessibility for all guests, acknowledging a range of visible and invisible disabilities.

Disney parks' initiative reflects its commitment to providing a welcoming environment for all visitors, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the magic of Disney without unnecessary hurdles.

Disneyland Announces Lifetime Ban for Guests Misusing Disability Passes

Disneyland has announced strict new rules for its Disability Access Service (DAS) to stop people from cheating the system. 

According to the Orange County Register, starting May 20 at Disney World and June 18 at Disneyland, anyone caught lying about having a disability to skip lines will be banned for life. This decision aims to preserve the integrity of services meant for guests with genuine needs, such as those with autism and other developmental disorders.

The theme parks updated their policies on April 9, outlining severe consequences for dishonest guests. Those found misusing the DAS system will lose their park tickets and annual passes without a refund. Disneyland officials have not detailed how they will detect frauds but indicated that Disney cast members and digital tracking might play a role in identifying cheats.

This move comes as abuse of the system has increased, with some guests falsely claiming conditions like ADHD and anxiety to gain access to Lightning Lane benefits. Disneyland is determined to ensure that DAS remains available to those who truly need it, as misuse has significantly risen in recent years.

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