Disney's CEO, Bob Iger, shared a sneak peek of a new Avatar land that might be coming to Disneyland Resort. This big news was part of Disney's yearly meeting with its shareholders. 

Even though the new Avatar project at Disneyland has not been officially announced, Iger's presentation included concept art showing what the designers are thinking about. The reveal happened during a discussion about many new ideas for the company, especially its theme parks.

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Disneyland Might Get an Avatar-Themed Land

Disneyland is already thinking about growing bigger, and the new Avatar land could be a part of this expansion. This plan, known as DisneylandForward, needs a final yes from the city council of Anaheim later this month. 

As per Theme Park Insider, if the council agrees, Disneyland could use new areas for attractions like Avatar. Besides Avatar, Disney also mentioned that lands based on popular movies like Frozen, Zootopia, and Black Panther might be added to Disneyland Resort if the expansion goes through.

The news came out after a vote where Disney shareholders decided not to let investor Nelson Peltz join the company's board. After the vote, Iger talked about different projects happening across Disney. The Avatar land is just one of the many exciting things that might be added to Disneyland, making it an even more magical place to visit.

This new addition would not only bring the world of Avatar to life but also could introduce visitors to other beloved stories through new lands. Disneyland is looking forward to possibly expanding its magic with these new worlds, awaiting the city council's decision with hope.

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Disneyland to Update Classic Autopia Ride with Electric Cars

Disneyland is planning to update one of its oldest rides, Autopia, by switching its gas-powered cars to electric. This change aims to make the ride quieter and cleaner. Since its opening in 1955, Autopia has been a hit, especially with young kids driving for the first time. However, its loud noise and bad smell have made it less popular among some visitors.

The Disneyland Resort confirmed this week that it's working on making Autopia electric, as Cinema Blend shared. This move is part of the theme park's effort to use cleaner energy. Disneyland's spokesperson, Jessica Good, explained that they are exploring technology to make this switch in the next few years. Currently, Honda sponsors Autopia, but with many car companies now offering electric vehicles, the door is open for new sponsorship opportunities.

Bob Gurr, the Disney legend who designed the original Autopia, also supports this change. He believes it's time for the ride to reflect the future of cars, fitting its location in Tomorrowland, a place meant to showcase future technologies.

There's no set timeline for when the electric cars will debut. Disneyland may close Autopia temporarily for the update or replace the cars gradually, similar to how Universal Studios Hollywood updates its trams. This announcement might lead to similar updates at Disney's other parks, like Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland Speedway in Orlando.

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