A collision occurred at Kolkata Airport involving an IndiGo Airlines plane and a stationary Air India Express aircraft, officials reported on Wednesday. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has taken immediate action by removing the IndiGo pilots from their duties and launching a full investigation into the incident.

IndiGo Airlines Pilots Benched After Collision with Air India Express
IndiGo plane of IndiGo Airlines
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IndiGo Airlines Pilot Off-Duty After Collision Incident

The event unfolded when an IndiGo Airlines Airbus A320, with the registration VT-ISS, accidentally struck an Air India Express Boeing 737, identified as VT-TGG, while it was moving on the ground. This mishap led to both aircraft being taken out of service for a thorough check.

A DGCA spokesperson shared that following the accident, they have decided to conduct a detailed examination to understand how it happened. According to Free Press Journal, they emphasized that, aside from the pilots, the ground crew involved in the taxiing process at the time would also be part of the investigation. Both planes are now grounded to ensure they are safe to fly again.

An Air India Express representative described the situation, explaining that their plane was hit by the wingtip of the IndiGo Airlines aircraft while waiting for permission to move to the runway for a flight bound for Chennai. 

They assured that the plane was promptly returned to the parking area and that they are working closely with both the regulator and airport officials to figure out the details of the incident. They also apologized to passengers for the inconvenience caused by this unexpected event.

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How IndiGo Airlines Involved in Collision

A bizarre incident occurred at Kolkata Airport when an IndiGo Airlines aircraft came into contact with an Air India Express plane that was stationary, leading to a minor collision. This event happened around 11 a.m. on the taxiway close to the runway. Thankfully, no injuries were reported among the passengers on either flight.

IndiGo Airlines flight 6E 6152, heading to Darbhanga with 135 passengers, including four infants, lightly struck the Chennai-bound Air India Express plane. Following the incident, both airplanes were directed back to their starting points for a thorough inspection.

As reported by Republic, a minor contact was reported at Kolkata Airport between a taxiing aircraft from IndiGo and one from a different airline. For inspection and necessary measures, as dictated by protocol, the aircraft was returned to the bay. As a result, a delay has been caused for IndiGo's flight 6E 6152 from Kolkata to Darbhanga. 

Snacks have been provided to all passengers, and an alternate aircraft has been arranged to reduce the delay and inconvenience experienced by passengers. The commitment to passenger safety is held as a top priority by IndiGo. In accordance with protocol, an incident report will be submitted to the DGCA in due course.

This mishap at Kolkata Airport, involving IndiGo Airlines and Air India Express, underlines the importance of strict adherence to safety protocols on the ground to prevent any future occurrences.

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