During a speech at ITB Berlin, a major travel event, on Wednesday, the United States ambassador to Germany, Amy Gutmann, announced that tourism between Germany and the United States is booming. More than two million German tourists have visited the United States, reaching 85% of the number of tourists in 2019. Gutmann expects this number to almost fully recover to pre-pandemic levels by 2024, aiming for 2.59 million German tourists by 2028.

United States Targets 2.59 Million German Tourists by 2028 in Tourism Boom

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United States Sees a Surge in Tourists from Germany, Approaching Pre-Pandemic Levels

The United States is focusing on eco-friendly tourism to attract more visitors. Gutmann highlighted Springville, Utah, for its stargazing attractions, thanks to its dark, unpolluted skies and dry air. This effort is part of a broader push to promote sustainable tourism across the country.

The ambassador also mentioned the positive role of tourism in supporting economic growth and bridging cultural differences. According to Breaking Travel News, cities across the United States, not just the well-known ones on the coasts, are working hard to draw in tourists. Philadelphia, the east coast's second-largest city, is branding itself as the "World Capital of Murals" by transforming illegal graffiti into approved art, with over 4,000 murals created so far.

St. Louis is marketing its iconic Gateway Arch and its spot on Route 66, showcasing the authentic American lifestyle. The city is home to both the National Blues and National Automobile Museums, highlighting its rich cultural heritage.

This surge in tourism from Germany to the United States shows the strong ties between the two countries and the growing interest in American culture and natural wonders.

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Brand USA Team Visits Mexico to Boost Tourism from Latin America to the United States

The Brand USA Sales Mission 2024, including visits to Mexico City and Guadalajara, aims to boost travel from Latin America to the United States. The mission focuses on meeting with tour operators and travel agencies to develop new travel programs for the United States. Lisa Tejeda, a senior manager at Brand USA, expressed her pride in promoting U.S. cities in Latin America and highlighted the importance of the Mexican market, which is expected to fully recover this year with 18.4 million visitors to the United States.

As per Travel Pulse, the mission's agenda features training sessions and discussions with operators to better understand their needs and create new products. The fourth edition of the mission saw participation double from last year, with 42 representatives from various U.S. tourist destinations and companies.

Tejeda also mentioned the "Experience it All" campaign, aimed at attracting different types of travelers from Mexico, from family trips to luxury and cultural experiences. Additionally, she encouraged travel agents to use a virtual platform offering training in various aspects of travel to the United States, available in eight languages and featuring 67 badges on different topics.

Despite visa issuance challenges, efforts are being made to expedite the process. The mission reflects a significant shift in promotional strategies, recognizing Latin America, especially Mexico, as a priority market for tourism in the United States.

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