Ukraine's tourism agency is working with big travel companies like Airbnb and Expedia to make the country a tourist spot after its conflict with Russia ends. The State Agency for Tourism Development (SATD), led by Mariana Oleskiv, wants to create a trail of war sites for visitors to see. This path will include areas from Irpin, near Kyiv, to Chernobyl. 

Despite the ongoing war that started in February 2022, the agency is preparing for peace by teaming up with more travel platforms.

Ukraine Plans to Transform War Sites into Tourist Trails with Global Partners
Abandoned Battle Tank in Kyiv, Ukraine
(Photo : Mykhailo Volkov on Unsplash)

Ukraine Plans Tourism Boost with International Partnerships

During a travel fair in Berlin, Oleskiv talked about the need to remember and share Ukraine's tough times with others. She believes it's important to teach future generations and tourists about what happened. The SATD is also hoping to work with TripAdvisor and soon. Their main goal is to get more tourists than before the war by having everything ready for when peace comes.

According to Travel Pulse, restoring Ukraine's cultural and tourism places could cost $9 billion over ten years, according to UNESCO. The war has already caused a $19.6 billion loss in tourism. However, some investment funds are interested in what can be done in Ukraine later, Oleskiv mentioned. She didn't say who these investors might be.

Last year, travel inside Ukraine nearly went back to its 2021 level, showing people's interest in exploring their country despite safety worries. A study by SATD found that only 20% of Ukrainians avoid traveling within the country because of these concerns. Ukraine is looking forward to welcoming more visitors and showing them its rich history and resilience after the war ends.

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Promotes Tourism at ITB Congress in Berlin

The State Agency for Tourism Development of Ukraine (SATD) introduced a new campaign called "We Are Here: Brave Hearts of Ukraine" at the ITB Congress in Berlin. Oleskiv aims to remind the world that Ukraine still boasts a vibrant tourism industry, despite the ongoing war with Russia.

Since the conflict with Russia began over two years ago, global attention has shifted away from the situation. However, with this initiative, SATD is keen to show that Ukraine is eager to rebuild its tourism sector. 

The video, which was the highlight of this year's ITB Congress, draws inspiration from President Zelensky's defiant message at the start of the invasion. Moreover, Breaking Travel News shared that it showcases Ukrainians from the travel sector who are now contributing to the war effort, emphasizing that the country's beautiful locations, rich history, and welcoming people are waiting for visitors to explore them.

Oleskiv expressed a desire to change the narrative surrounding Ukraine, highlighting its stunning landscapes, cultural richness, and excellent cuisine. She stressed the importance of tourism for the country's recovery, outlining plans to refurbish infrastructure, hotels, and attractions for the safe return of international visitors. 

The campaign aims to showcase Ukraine's resilience and the spirit of its people, encouraging future travelers to consider Ukraine as a must-visit destination.

Despite challenges, Ukrainians remain united in their effort to preserve their heritage and promote their country as an inviting destination. This campaign is a step towards changing perceptions and preparing for the resurgence of tourism in Ukraine.

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