A lot of people associate North Macedonia with its history and peaceful landscapes. Yet, this Balkan country has more to offer, especially in the charming town of Ohrid. Located by Lake Ohrid, this town is a must-see destination on your travel list.

In Ohrid, you will find a mix of cultural heritage and natural beauty. The town is famous for its medieval churches, like St. John at Kaneo, located dramatically on a cliff above Lake Ohrid. With Travelers Today, you will explore some incredible sights you must visit when you're in North Macedonia, specifically in Ohrid. 

St. John at Kaneo Church

(Photo : Ali Nuredini on Unsplash)

One of the most iconic sites in Ohrid, North Macedonia, is the St. John at Kaneo Church. Situated on a prominent cliff overlooking Lake Ohrid, this church is a symbol of the town. Built in the traditional Byzantine style, the church dates back to the 13th century. Its location offers a panoramic view of the lake and surrounding mountains, creating a perfect background for photos.

Inside, you can see remnants of frescoes, though most have faded with time. Visiting this church gives you a glimpse into the religious history of North Macedonia and its architectural heritage.

Ancient Theatre of Ohrid

(Photo : Sharon Hahn Darlin on Wikimedia Commons)

The Ancient Theatre of Ohrid is another must-visit spot. Dating back to the Hellenistic period, this theatre was once used for performances and gladiatorial games during Roman times. Rediscovered in the 20th century, it has been partially restored and is now a venue for concerts and festivals.

Walking through the rows of seats, you can feel the centuries of history beneath your feet. This ancient structure showcases the cultural and historical layers of Ohrid, making it a key attraction in North Macedonia.

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Samuel's Fortress

(Photo : Explorer1940 on Wikimedia Commons)

Samuel's Fortress stands tall as a testament to Ohrid's medieval past. Originally built on the foundations of an earlier fortress, it was reconstructed by Tsar Samuel of Bulgaria in the 10th century. The fortress offers a stunning view of the town and Lake Ohrid.

It is a great place to explore and understand the military history and strategic importance of Ohrid in the past. The walls and towers of the fortress are well-preserved, allowing you to experience a piece of North Macedonia's historic military architecture.

Ohrid's Old Bazaar

(Photo : Screenshot image taken from Hardcoretraveller360 on YouTube)

For a taste of local life in Ohrid, North Macedonia, the Old Bazaar is the place to go. This bustling marketplace is filled with shops selling traditional crafts, jewelry, and souvenirs. You can also find a variety of local food and drink to sample. The bazaar's narrow, cobblestone streets are lined with buildings reflecting the town's Ottoman past.

The atmosphere here is lively and colorful, offering a glimpse into the daily life of the locals and the culture of North Macedonia.

The Bay of Bones Museum

(Photo : Screenshot image taken from Tripadvisor)

The Bay of Bones Museum is an exceptional open-air archaeological complex recreating life from over 3,000 years ago. Located on the shores of Lake Ohrid, it represents a reconstruction of a prehistoric pile-dwelling settlement. The museum also includes an underwater archaeological site where many artifacts were discovered.

Visiting this museum provides a unique opportunity to learn about the prehistoric inhabitants of North Macedonia and their way of life. The museum not only educates but also immerses you in a different time, offering a distinct and memorable experience.

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