Selahattin Bilgen, CEO of iGA Istanbul Airport, revealed during a 2024 press conference that the airport plans to invest 656.5 million Euros this year. The airport, which has been Europe's busiest for four years, aims to increase flight numbers, welcome new airlines, and enhance passenger satisfaction.

iGA Istanbul Airport Sets Ambitious Passenger Goals for 2024
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iGA Istanbul Airport Announces Major Investments and Growth Targets for 2024

iGA Istanbul Airport, known for being Europe's busiest airport for the past four years, is setting high goals for 2024. Selahattin Bilgen, the airport's CEO, announced these plans at a recent press conference. In 2023, iGA Istanbul Airport invested 160.1 million Euros and now aims to significantly increase this to 656.5 million Euros in 2024.

The airport, which started operating flights in 2019, has seen rapid growth. By the end of 2023, the number of flights rose to 505,968, and passengers increased to 76 million. This growth has also helped boost tourism in Türkiye, making it the fourth most-visited country globally. For 2024, iGA Istanbul Airport aims to handle 85 million passengers, increasing flights to 532,000. This is a 12.77% rise in passengers from the previous year.

As per Breaking News Travel, iGA Istanbul Airport is also expanding its services to more airlines. From 61 airlines in 2019, the airport expects to serve 101 by 2024, including 11 new ones. This will strengthen its position in the global aviation industry. Additionally, the airport is planning to start the first triple parallel runway operation in Europe, aiming to increase air traffic capacity from 120 to over 148 hourly air traffic movements.

The airport's 2024 investments include 35 million Euros for a General Aviation Terminal and 146.4 million Euros for the Eskişehir Solar Power Plant. This plant will make iGA Istanbul Airport the first to meet all its electricity needs through renewable energy. The airport is also investing in cargo expansion and a new Hilton hotel.

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Finally, iGA Istanbul Airport is committed to reducing emissions, targeting a 73% reduction by 2040 and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. This aligns with its commitment to sustainability, having already reduced emissions and energy consumption significantly. The airport's focus on passenger satisfaction remains strong, with an 89% approval rate in 2023, which is expected to rise with new developments.

Sees Major Growth, Eyes 100 Million Passengers by 2027

In October 2023, IGA Istanbul Airport was planning big. Last year, it served 64.3 million people, making it the seventh busiest in the world. Now, IGA Istanbul Airport is aiming for 77 million passengers this year, and a huge leap to 100 million by 2027.

To hit its goals, the airport is looking beyond. Airline Weekly reported that budget airlines are a key focus, as they currently represent only 2% of seats at the airport. IGA is considering attracting more low-cost carriers to boost its numbers.

Despite the growth, Pegasus Airlines and Anadolujet, two major Turkish budget airlines, have not yet planned to base themselves at IGA Istanbul Airport. But IGA isn't just looking at Turkish carriers; foreign budget airlines like Air Arabia, EasyJet, and Wizz Air are also in the mix.

Turkish Airlines, the major airline at IGA, is planning a huge order of up to 600 new planes. This expansion will help it reach more destinations worldwide, including nonstop flights to Australia. IGA is carefully balancing attracting new airlines without upsetting existing ones, like Turkish Airlines.

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