RCountless travelers head to Europe each year and many of them place castles high up in their priority list of tourist sites to visits. Most, if not all, European countries have their fare share of castles to boast, including Czech Republic. 

If castle hopping in Czech Republic is on your to-do list during your trip, here are five that you definitely should check out. 

Bouzouv Castle 

(Photo : Screenshot taken from the official website of #VisitCzechia )

If you feel like you've seen Bouzouv Castle before despite not having visited it in person, it's probably because you've already seen in it in a movie or two. Yes, you read right. The castle is a favorite pick for filming locations in the movie industry. 

Located near Olomouc, this castle actually never experienced ruin despite going under extensive reconstruction in the 19th century. Believe it or not, the Bouzouv Castle is fully furnished and properly equipped as well, including equipment that fits the modern times. 

Those interested to visit the Bouzouv Castle can purchase tickets here.  

Grabštejn Castle 

(Photo : Screenshot taken from the official website of #VisitCzechia )

If you find yourself in the northern part of Czech Republic, add Grabštejn Castle to your itinerary. Built sometime in the mid-13th century, the castle is located in the Liberec Region. 

After nearly becoming a ruin during World War II, repairs and restoration work did not commence until 1989. The castle was reopened to the public in 1993. Travelers visiting the castle should not forget to check out the Chapel of St. Barbara, which is located within its premises. 

Those interested to visit the Grabštejn Castle can purchase tickets here

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Karlštejn Castle

(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Hrady-zámky Facebook page )

Established by Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV, the Karlštejn Castle was completed in 1365. It was initially meant to store royal treasures, including the crown jewels of the monarchy. 

Copies of these crown jewels can be found in the castle on exhibit today. The rooms inside are also beautifully furnished. But one of the must-visit parts of the castle is the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which is located in the highest High Tower of the castle. 

Those interested to visit the Karlštejn Castle can purchase tickets here

Loket Castle 

(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Královský hrad Loket Facebook page)

Located in West Bohemia, Loket Castle was built using stone and following a Romanesque-Gothic Style. Among the sections of the castle that can be visited is Margrave's House, which is where you can find exhibits, collections, and the famous meteorite that allegedly fell into the castle courtyard in 1422. 

You can also visit the prison area of the castle, where you can also get a glimpse of how torture was like during the medieval times. Depicted by life-sized figurines, you can learn more about the period of time the castle served as a prison. 

Those interested to visit Loket Castle can purchase tickets here

Prague Castle 

(Photo : Jason Blackeye on Unsplash)

Regarded as the world's largest ancient castle, the Prague Castle was built in the 9th century and currently serves as the residence of Czech Republic's president. 

One of the most visited tourist attractions in the country, Prague Castle is home to St. George's Basilica and St. Vitus Cathedral. It is also home to the Old Royal Palace, which is the original residence building in the complex.

Those interested to visit Prague Castle can purchase tickets here

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