You don't have to read just about someone else's ghostly encounter. You can experience them for yourself. Not only would staying in a haunted castle be especially spine-tingling, but it would also have some excellent views.

Castles were once some of the most important places in many communities. Some worked as fortresses against invading armies. Others served as opulent palaces for ruling kings and queens. The imposing castles of Europe are a thing of beauty. Spend long enough in these castles, and a story will begin to unfold before you.

How about staying in a real haunted castle for a Halloween holiday you'll never forget? Here's our list:

1. Mazures - Liège, Belgium

Mazures is only the tower of a castle that overlooks the banks of the river Vesdre, in Liège, Belgium. The 100m² holiday home sits in the left-wing of the tower on edge, and brings to mind The Twins castles from Game of Thrones.  It actually has a modern living room and kitchen for your convenience. Pricing starts at (or about $103 USD).

Drive 45 minutes to Château de Jehay where you can experience some spooky thrills at their night of the witches celebration. Enjoy carnival-like activities, food, street shows, concerts, terrifying animations, and lots of ghostly treats.

2. Number 6 Narrow Water Castle - County Down, Northern Ireland

This castle has been renovated to include a luxury apartment for up to six people. Features include a local granite exterior and interior exposed beams. You can hop aboard a spooky train experience at the Downpatrick and Countydown Railway, which will take you to a haunted graveyard and Merlin's cavern along with some face painting with the children. Prices start at £151 per night or about $192 USD.

The spectacular Narrow Water Castle dates back to the 1680s.

3. Château Martinus, Saint-Caprais-de-Lerm, France

Château Martinus is an impressive 1,000 m² castle that has been renovated to include a heated swimming pool and even a heliport. Situated in Saint-Caprais-de-Lerm, it even features a private pool and free WiFi. There's also a sauna and Jacuzzi.

Inside, the castle retains its gothic feel with a medieval dining room. It can accommodate up to 18 people, with eight bedrooms divided between the various floors, a kitchen with a dishwasher and a microwave, as well as a coffee machine. Guests can go horse riding or relax in the garden and use the barbecue facilities.

4. Dalhousie Castle

There are two ghouls at this 13th-century Scottish fortress: Lady Catherine (a.k.a. "the grey lady,") who roams the dungeons and hallways, scratching at doorways; and Paranormal pup Petra who perished in a fall from a castle tower back in the '80s. It was said that Lady Catherine was the mistress of one of the Ramsay lairds, but his vengeful wife had her locked up in one of the castle turrets. Another version said that she was his daughter and fell in love with the wrong man, was imprisoned in one of the chambers, and there starved to death.

The interiors of the castle hotel have been transformed into a luxury hotel and spa with fine dining.