Denver International Airport is gearing up for a holiday travel season. United Airlines, one of Colorado's major airlines, anticipates around nine million passengers will fly between Dec. 21 and Jan. 8. This figure represents a significant 12% increase from last year's travel numbers.

Holiday Rush: Denver International Airport Sees Record Travel Numbers
(Photo : Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay)

Denver International Airport Braces for Busy Holiday Season

The airport is preparing for the surge in travelers. Officials advise passengers to arrive at Denver International Airport at least two hours before their flight's boarding time. This recommendation ensures travelers have enough time to navigate through the airport, including parking, check-in, and security.

CBS reported that Thursday's flights at the airport were mostly on schedule despite the high volume of passengers. Many travelers, taking no chances, arrived even earlier than suggested. Joe McWilliams, a passenger, stressed the importance of arriving early, especially considering the long lines for security and baggage check.

Another concern raised by airport officials is the proper handling of carry-on items. They urge passengers to check the size requirements for items like lotions and perfumes to avoid delays in TSA lines. Additionally, there's a warning against attempting to travel with firearms, as this is not permitted through airport checkpoints.

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For those looking to streamline their travel experience, enrolling in TSA Pre-Check or TSA Clear Plus is suggested. These programs can significantly reduce wait times in security lines.

As the holiday rush continues, Denver International Airport remains a focal point for travelers. With increased numbers and heightened security measures, early arrival and careful planning are more important than ever.

Heavy Delays After Snowstorms

Travelers at Denver International Airport faced a tough time on Tuesday, Dec. 26, with hundreds of flight delays and cancellations. This disruption occurred just one day after Christmas, following a snowstorm that hit Colorado.

Another report released by CBS stated that Denver International Airport reported over 500 delayed flights, the most in the country on that day. Additionally, more than 20 flights were canceled. 

The day after Christmas is one of the busiest travel days. The news source also reported that around 80,000 people were expected to pass through the airport's security checks. Despite the busy scene, many were relieved to return home after the holidays.

Travelers like Stephen Bonacci and Hannan Zafar shared their experiences. Bonacci, coming from Washington, D.C., described the airport as "busy" and "a nightmare" due to the large number of families and luggage. Zafar, heading to Houston, found the situation "crazy" but felt the journey was worth it.

The most significant travel issues happened early in the morning. A ground stop at Denver International Airport was in effect around 7 a.m., halting incoming flights temporarily. This was lifted shortly after.

Security checks saw wait times of up to 30 minutes throughout the day. Bonacci compared this year's experience to last year's, noting an improvement despite a brief delay in reaching his Colorado vacation spot.

Approximately 600,000 passengers are expected to travel through Denver around the Christmas holiday. Travelers are advised to check with their airlines for the latest information on delays and cancellations and to arrive at the airport with enough time to spare. Despite the crowded conditions, Zafar remained hopeful of not encountering further delays.

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