After the excitement of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, bargain seekers have a new opportunity to find deals, particularly for travel. Travel Tuesday, following Cyber Monday, is emerging as a prime time for discounts in the travel industry.

Travel Tuesday Offers Exciting Deals but Beware of Potential Scams
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What Is Travel Tuesday?

Travel Tuesday, the day after Cyber Monday, is like Cyber Monday but for travel deals. This special day offers exclusive savings from airlines, hotels, and travel agencies. Travel Tuesday, also known as "Travel Deals Tuesday," is a newer event compared to its weekend predecessors, according to the Independent. In 2023, it falls on Nov. 28. It's a day when U.S. companies, in particular, offer the best deals, although global offers are also available.

Travel Tuesday promises a variety of deals. Airlines like Ryanair and Hawaiian Airlines are offering significant discounts on flights. For instance, Ryanair is providing 10% off on certain routes. Hotel chains are also joining in, with brands like Hyatt and Marriott offering up to 20% off on bookings.

Even cruise lines are participating, with companies like Royal Caribbean and Virgin Voyages announcing discounts. These deals cover destinations worldwide, including popular spots like The Bahamas.

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As per the report, travel experts advise that the best approach to Travel Tuesday is to prepare beforehand. Comparing prices ahead of time and signing up for notifications from preferred travel providers can lead to substantial savings. It's also wise to be flexible with travel dates and destinations.

As Travel Tuesday gains popularity, it's essential to stay alert for potential scams. Consumers are encouraged to book directly with providers and be cautious of too-good-to-be-true offers.

Travel Tuesday is an opportunity to plan future vacations with cost-effectiveness in mind. This year's Travel Tuesday is shaping up to be a key date for anyone looking to book travel at a discount.

Beware of Scams During Travel Tuesday Deals

As Travel Tuesday approaches, bringing deals on flights, cruises, and accommodations for 2024 vacations, consumers must beware of fraudsters. These scammers are gearing up to exploit holiday shoppers, a time when people spend more. Online retail giants like warn that scams increase during the holidays. Advanced tools like generative AI are making these scams more sophisticated.

Scammers often set up fake travel agencies or imitate reliable booking sites, tricking consumers into believing they are reserving with genuine businesses. 

According to CBS News, Mike Scheumack, IdentityIQ's Chief Innovation Officer, explains that these fake sites list non-existent rental properties. Scammers then demand a "rental deposit" and vanish with the money.

Warning signs of a scam include requests for payment via gift card or wire transfer and pressure to book immediately. Suspiciously low prices are another red flag. Scheumack warns people to be careful of deals that look too good. He says these scams can really ruin the budget.

During the Cyber Five period, between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, consumers receive numerous promotions. It's easy to mistake a fraudulent offer for a genuine Travel Tuesday deal. Scheumack advises extra caution with deals coming through emails and texts. He notes that with so many offers around, people can easily drop their guard. 

He advises checking the sender's email address for legitimacy. "If it's a Gmail address or the sender is not verifiable, just trash it," he adds, as quoted in the news report.

Airline ticketing scams involve fake websites offering irresistible deals. These sites steal credit card information when consumers attempt to book. Always book flights through known websites and be cautious of unexpected payment links.

Rideshare scams are another hazard. Fraudsters send fake links for non-existent charges like cleaning or cancellation fees. It's essential to report such activities to the rideshare company.

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